new patients welcome 7101 Heritage Village Plz<br />Gainesville, VA 20155ABTC specializes in helping families with children exhibiting communication, social, and functional skills deficits. Our team is highly experienced in treating common conditions for which ABA services may be medically necessary, such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disorders, Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, Enuresis/Encopresis, Pica, Feeding Difficulties, and other difficult behaviors.

ABTC recommends parents to take immediate action and consult with a qualified medical practitioner, such as the child’s pediatrician when and if parents observe the following symptoms:

6 Months – Not responding to loud sounds, not smiling at people, not bringing hands to mouth, not keeping eye contact, not following objects visually, not able to support head up when laying on tummy.

12 Months – Not responding to sounds or gestures, not responding to his/her own name, not seeking attention through noise making, not babbling, not showing curiosity about surrounding objects (ex., not reaching for toys, not pointing), not reaching out to be picked up.

18-24 Months – Still not talking or saying simple words (ex., “mommy”, “daddy”, “no”), not showing an interest in others, not playing with other children, not engaging in pretend play, not making 2-word phrases.

If your child’s doctor provides a diagnosis along with the recommendation/prescription for ABA therapeutic services, understand that when designed and overseen by qualified professionals, ABA treatments have proved effective for decreasing symptoms, developing adaptive behaviors, and reducing maladaptive behaviors, which in turn enhance healthy, successful functioning and prevent deterioration and regression in your child’s development. As ABA providers in the local Northern Virginia area, we are here to provide you and your child with comprehensive ABA services at home and/or at our ABA Learning Center. To learn more about the services we offer, click here to complete the information request form.