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Our client families know from the start that they have a trusted partner in the entire process of implementing a comprehensive strategy for their child. They can also rest assured that we will work in conjunction with caregivers, educators, and diagnosing providers for one common goal: their child’s wellbeing. This also promotes open collaboration between parents, teachers, and other therapists to help their child cope, communicate, function, and thrive.

Center-based ABA Services

ABTC offers the opportunity for parents and their children to receive ABA services through a powerful therapeutic hybrid program that combines an intensive preschool learning environment with the added proven benefits of in-home therapy. Each child will gain rich experience with a specific tailored treatment plan that meets their individual needs. Our ABA therapeutic services offer a structured learning environment where children can work on important life skills and learn to transition and adjust to a routine that will be used in a school setting.

ABTC’s Therapeutic Learning Program operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm, for children 2 to 6 years old. For school-aged children, therapeutic services will be provided after-school from 4:00pm and 7:00pm. One Saturday a month, the center will be dedicated to group parent training and small group sessions to help develop executive functioning and social skills.

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Behavior-analytic assessments
Administering and completing a developmental assessment of children’s skill levels. Each child’s individual treatment plan and programming is developed through multiple assessments, both formal and informal, including VB-MAPP, PDDBI, ABLSS-R, AFLS, andFunctional Behavioral Analyses.

Treatment plan

Development and modification – Developing individualized, developmentally appropriate teaching objectives according to assessments’ results, family goals, and specific needs of the child. Our treatment plans build on each child’s current skills and aim to maximize the acquisition of new skills across different settings. ABA treatment always focus on reducing challenging behaviors throughout this process.

Direct treatment
Implementing the treatment plans designed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) by Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) on a 1:1 ratio through center-based services.

At ABTC, therapy programs are both fun and engaging for the individuals that we serve. This allows children to find joy in the process and become lifelong learners.

Case supervision
Providing clinical direction by BCBAs who are also responsible for keeping track and evaluating behavioral data. Data gathered by RBTs is used by BCBAs to update goals as children progress through the programs, showing skill acquisition gains and a decrease in maladaptive behaviors. Data is also used to address poor or limited child progress and goals adjusted as needed.

Parent/caregiver training
Formal ABA Parent Training Curriculum provided to parents/caregivers, either, at home or at our center. Training is customizable and flexible to allow parents time to learn and apply ABA interventions according to their child’s needs.

Community support group
Providing a monthly neurodiversity awareness program to the community at our center, free of charge, coffee and donuts included!